Things I will Miss about Boston

We leave Boston two weeks from tomorrow! I’m really excited and a little bit nervous. I’ve been saying for years that I want to move, but now that it is actually happening, I’m realizing all of the things I love about this city.


The Charles River: I’ve spent hours upon hours of my life here. I love running here. I know exactly where all the water fountains are, where the bathrooms are, what routes to run depending on how many miles I have scheduled. Plus, I love coming down here to read, lay in the sun or walk Pippa.30hFxHBB-jZa6EoDWuIoxXRtw-g7NL8hWU3RWh15jQ0


Living within driving distance to my family:  It’s going to be weird adjusting to having to fly home to see the fam!


The Public Garden and Boston Common: I love these places. I love bringing Pippa for walks here or laying out in the sun and people watching.

2013-04-21 16.02.32


The Boston Public Library:  I know there will be libraries in California, but this library is just incredible.


The Patriots: We will have to figure out a way to watch all the games in CA, but it won’t be the same since the whole city won’t be rooting for them. Plus, watching games at 10 AM will be weird. You can’t make buffalo chicken dip for a 10 AM game.

The Fall in Boston: I just said to Mike that I know I am going to get homesick when I see everyone from home posting pics online of them apple picking and doing all those fall like activities. I love September and October in Boston (I just don’t like the months that come after that) and I will miss it this year.

2012-10-06 13.27.39


Our Neighborhood: I know where everything is, what streets are one ways, where to get the best burrito. I know I’ll figure this all out in our new neighborhood (and it will be fun doing it), but it still makes me sad.XQ3zPAVLyAZRuEXt39x0FtPsWL55H9yqabWvlrTVtZg

Dunkin Donuts


But I will not miss. . . Achw7oBPkbQWWwBcnSHrabFwXBz7G8B6cbKzwhibaro

Shoveling snow, running in the snow or being cold for 6 months out of the year!

As sad as I am to say bye to these things in Boston, I am looking forward to exploring a new neighborhood and finding new places that I love.

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