Hair-dos (or Hair-don’ts)

Happy Friday! I’m excited for the weekend. Mike, Pippa and I are headed to the Cape tonight for our last weekend with my family before we move.

This morning I started the day off with a 5 mile run. My legs have been really tired this week and I was hoping they would loosen up on an easy run. They were still pretty tight after so I spent extra time foam rolling and stretching.

Today, for Fitness Friday, I want to talk about hair styles while working out. I have major issues with my hair when I run! It gets so snarly! It’s out of control!

Exhibit A:  After the Hyannis Half Marathon. I tried braiding my hair in two braids and this was the outcome.

IMAG0245 (1)


Exhibit B: Post Vermont City Marathon. Wore my hair in a ponytail in the rain and this was the result.

8cvYq69scU4ShWq6olfTsmRMe6PUuytJhlAe7HYUrroExhibit C: Ran in the rain with a ponytail and added an extra elastic half way down to try to prevent what happened in above picture. Didn’t work!photo (3)

Exhibit D:  Tried wearing my hair in a braid, but the elastic fell out somewhere along my run and my hair just knotted up in to a complete mess.2gng0xmUNCsxssfRDhacK-bRq3Ltk6cphBpcYiF0zbkIt seems like nothing works! But for the past two days, I wore my hair braided in one french braid and used a ton of hair spray and it stayed in. I think the key is tons of hair spray and making sure the elastic is on really tight so it doesn’t fall out. My elastic actually fell out of my braid during a race and I had to finish the race with my hair down. So now I always try to keep an extra elastic on my wrist just in case.

This was my hair for the past two days post-run:post run hair collage

How do you keep your hair from getting tangled and snarly on a run?

What are your plans for the weekend?

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9 thoughts on “Hair-dos (or Hair-don’ts)

  1. Wornout Soles

    Ah, the hair dilema. I am still trying to find a good solution. For triathlons I need something that keeps my hair in place for several hours; can be worn under a swim cap, under a bike helmet; doesn’t get too hot for the run.
    I found either two french braids or a low pony tail then braided works the best.
    Good Luck on your hair endeavor.

  2. Sarah

    I wear a hat, which I pull my hair through the opening in the back, secured with a elastic, (ponytail through the hat hole) THEN I braid my ponytail and use the little kids elastics which do not budge to secure the braid. It took me awhile to figure this out!

  3. Amy

    I am always struggling with my hair! I recently cut my hair short and I feel like I am wearing a million bobby pins. It just barely fits into a ponytail, and sometimes it leaves a little bottom layer. I probably look a mess!

  4. Becky@TrailsandUltras

    I embrace the wildness. And by embrace I mean ‘look despondently in the mirror at the rat’s nest on my head, sigh, and stick a hat on it.’ Generally it’s a low ponytail that I then plait. I like to convince myself that when I finish my run I can take out the plait and my hair will be released into flowing golden waves. As of yet this has NEVER happened and I’m always left with a knotted hair ball at the back of my head. :)

    1. Kacie Post author

      Haha! Yes I struggle with the knotted hair ball too and spend hours of my life trying to comb it out!

  5. Beth @ Racing Robsons

    I love the post! Taming your hair while working out can be a beast! I’m getting ready to do my first triathlon, and I really can’t figure out what hair-do will survive a swim, bike, and run! Plus, I’m horrible at doing hair. I cannot braid (much less french braid) for the life of me! I need to hire a hair stylist to help me before all my races. :)

  6. Chris

    This was a fun post!
    And one that reminded me that as a guy I have one less thing to worry about while running :)
    I use an Aveda scalp revitalizer in the morning before I go to workout (it is amazing stuff) but it always makes me hair a bit “just out of bed” but I don’t really care. If I am really worried about it I wear a hat, but lately I have found I don’t like wearing them for some reason.
    A friend usually does her hair with a hat, pushes the hair through the hole in the back and then uses an elastic and it seems to generally work for her.
    I really think that no one looks great at the end of a hard workout or run.. if you did you probably didn’t work out very hard.. but because of the workout we look great after the shower! :)
    I thought you looked fine in your pictures.
    This post made me smile, so thanks for that!


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