Foam Rollers

Good morning and Happy Friday!

Yesterday was a cold, cloudy day and it even rained for a few hours. Pippa and I got in a long walk in the morning before the rain started.Santa Monica, CA

I’ve run twice this week. Both were short runs (less than 4 miles) but my knee held up okay. I’ve been doing my strengthening exercises every day and spending lots of time rolling and stretching. I currently use a traditional foam roller, but I’m considering ordering a new one, such as the Grid. My foam roller doesn’t really hurt anymore. I have been using a lacrosse ball and I find that is a lot more painful than my foam roller. I’m hoping something like the Grid will help loosen up areas that my foam roller isn’t helping.

Pippa loves hanging out with my while I’m stretching and even does her own stretches.


This morning I started off the day with French Toast:french toast

Our car is in the shop right now but should be ready to pick up today. The mechanic is a few miles away so I plan on running there later to pick up the car. I’m hoping if I can keep doing short, easy runs I can maintain some of my fitness. I also plan on doing my strengthening and stretching exercises as well today.

What kind of foam roller do you use?

Has anyone tried the Grid? Or is there a different foam roller you recommend?

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2 thoughts on “Foam Rollers

    1. Kacie Post author

      Hahaha I know it is painful!! Mike thinks I’m so weird because I was telling him how I want to get the grid because I think it will hurt more than my regular foam roller.


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